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Award goes to Alessandro Donati

Alessandro Donati at this year’s conference

Hear Donati’s reaction to the award
(phone from his home in Rome, 2:57)

This years Play the Game Award was awarded to Alessandro Donati for his lifelong work against corruption and doping in sports. The award is given by Play the Game to persons or groups who have done an outstanding effort to strenghten the basic ethical values of sport, and consists of a piece of art and an invitation to the next Play the Game conference.

“Receiving this award is very important for me. Play the Game has been here for me during some very hard times. Also, it is of the utmost importance, that Play The Game continues. The sports organizations are not yet ready, voluntarily, to open up for a dialogue on these topics”, says award winner Alessandro Donati.


Participants of Play the Game 2007 giving their final applause.

Goodbye Iceland

The Play the Game conference 2007 in Iceland is over. Five days with presentations, debate and discussions have passed and participants from all over the world are returning to their home countries. Even though this site isn’t being updated anymore feel free to roam the site and fill in your comments. This way the debate can continue beyond these five days in Reykjavik.

- “Wrap-up” interview with the Play the Game director
- How did this website do?
- Coffee talk: What does the participants bring home?

Stuck between normal and handicapped
Jaksche: Riis threatened me
Athletes should be surveyed by GPS
Referees discriminate by race in splitsecond decisions
Integrity of sport and health
Lazytown: Balancing childrens health
Sexual harassment and abuse of children in sport
All videos from the conference floor.
The Wall, a great to-this-site-invented feature, where anyone can write a statement related to international sport. Visit the Wall here!

Children suffer from doping

Children of top-athletes in the former DDR suffers with heavy side effects as a result of the regime’s systematic doping. Read the story

Crazy bidding war for mega events

The bids for mega events have reached astronomical figures, as spotlight hungry leaders hunt for events to profile their nation/region/city.

The spiralling costs induced by the bidding system makes it hard to guarantee a positive outcome for citizens after a mega event.
Read the full story/tell us what you think!


Pound answered our readers

The president of the World Anti-Doping Agency answered questions from the users of about a dopingfree world, his future in WADA and cyclists not telling the whole truth. See what the controversiel president has answered in this interview.

Doping in the world of cycling


Heated panel debate.


In cycling you take drugs.


Both Jaksche and Riis say the other is lying.


“If you talk, you will never come back in cycling, Riis told me.


Read his respons to Jaksche.


Jaksche TV interview.

Jörg Jaksche at Play the Game in Iceland


Munro: -The good guys can’t loose

Bob Munro at the conference

Corruption: Yesterday at Play the Game Bob Munro talked about his struggle against corruption in the Kenyan football system. We met up with the man himself to talk about the work he does.

Read the full story/tell us what you think!


Stuck between normal and handicapped

Scott MillsADHD: Lack of attention keeps 16 year old Dane, Scott Mills, from training and competing with equals in his sport - swimming.

He suffers from a slight attention disorder that sort under the ADHD-syndrome. Because of this he can participate in the Special Olympics, but he cannot live out his dream of attending the Para Olympics, as they do not allow mentally handicapped in the games.
- To be honest, It would be nice to be challenged, Scott Mills says.

Watch Scott Mills’ story on TV Today

Jens Sejer Andersen has opened the conference:

- Let’s play the game! >Read the story.